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stress    Defense Against Dark Arts – Banish Stress in 3 minutes or Less

Relax instantly : Keep a clear head no matter what is going on : Clear your stress to zero and keep yourself clear


Infinity-TimeMagical ArtsTime Bending

Learn to lengthen and shorten your time line to create the time you need. Powerful healing tool.


Psychic Protection

  Defense Against Dark ArtsProtection 101;

Protection from negative energy : Powerful pre-confrontation and personal strength skill : Clearing heavy energy from a space.



Magical Arts – Crystal Communication

Communicating with crystals.

How to choose them – or let them choose you.

Using crystals in healing self and others.

How to Connect with Crystal Guardians, and work with

them to achieve your dreams.



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FEAR Defense Against Dark Arts – Vanquishing Fear

The secret Fear doesn’t want you to know :

Dealing with Inner Demons : 

How to flip the switch when your thoughts are terrifying you.


Guides and Angels Magical Arts – Communicating with your Guides and Angels

Who they are :

What their roles are in your life :

How to know you’re not just making stuff up.


Negative voices Defense Against Dark Arts – Silencing the negative voices in your head

Easily, Gently, Quickly, Painlessly :

Rescuing younger self.



Clairvoyance Magical Arts – Clairvoyance

How to see auras, and more of what is.

Evolving our senses.

Listen to your body Healing Arts – Living in a Human Body

Understanding what your body is telling you :

where different emotions live in your body :

how to bring yourself into balance.


healing-726x400 Healing Arts – Secrets to Healing

Incurable means curable only from within.

Western Medicine has given up on me repeatedly for multiple reasons.

Each time I healed myself. I will share this magic with you.


How-To-Create-A-Ring-Of-Power_small Art of Wizardy – Ring of Power

Step INSTANTLY into a state of empowerment in any situation at any time with a Ring of Power