WPA Culture, Chants and Cheers

When White Peacock Academy members meet, a Formal Greeting Dance is performed.
We Bow to acknowledge the Divine Spark in all beings. AND our backs are always straight, and eyes stay connected throughout the bow, honoring that Divine Spark, however it appears.

!!!Formal Greeting Dance Video!!!

Inhale Arms up back of wrists touch

By the Peacock do we Bow, To the Infinite Divine

Exhale Arms down hands vibrating

To All Living Things we Vow, To Tend our Light and Shine

Inhale Bow from the waist eye gazing

When we bow we our backs are straight, And our eyes are open wide

Exhale into Namaste

Our integrity shines forth To greet the light inside …. Inside of you

From this point the FDG goes off into whatever the greeting is about i.e.

Love          Challenge           Empathy            Mateship            Welcome

Formal Greeting Dances vary in eye popping ways, depending on the relationship and what you want to portray. They can be extremely intricate.
Some turn into Glaring matches between Dominant Wizards. The Challenge Sequence follows. Always leading with Integrity – the Winner is usually the one who is able to maintain balance in accordance with their Highest Self.

We prize gallantry, WPA integrity culture can be compared to Knights of the Round Table.


White Peacock Academy
Is where Light Bearers wanna be
Building on what we’ve been taught


Test the Teachings VERIFY!
Find out for yourself what flies
Share the Teachings VERIFY!
Pay it Forward : Peacock PRIDE




Tail Up! Put your best foot forward

Dare to Be your Most Magical You

Tail Up! Align with that Magic Self

Think, Speak and Act the way They would do

(Tail Up means ‘show us your best’)


 My APP has My BACK

Peacock Power UNITE

Your APP has Your BACK

Peacock Power IGNITE

(APP Greeting with hand gestures)


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