Kids Empowerment emPOWERment meditations for Kids of all ages; especially 4 – 14

I created these magical bedtime stories for my little girl, and her friends went crazy over them.
They made such an impact I realized I needed to make them available to all children.

ggviThey help your child release the stress of the day, and ease into restful sleep.
They give them powerful gifts to make their waking hours easier.
Each meditation begins with meeting the Worry Muncher: He hurries up to the children in every track, and begs them most plaintively, to feed him all their worries. He does SO love munching worries 🙂
They then continue on the path, to be cleansed by a rainbow, and scooped up into the arms of their own special angel who takes them on an adventure tailored to helping them cope with the stressors of our ever changing world.

There are 7 Bedtime Stories

Party in Fairyland:  A wonderful banquet is prepared for you in Fairyland. The Fairy Queen herself gives you a Magic Wand that helps you to choose only love.

Santa’s Workshop:   Hot chocolate and gingerbread with Mrs Clause, before going into Santa’s Workshop to become the chief tester of a Super Hero Cape. It magnetizes good things, and deflects nasty ones.

Dolphin Ride:  A Mermaid gives you a Magic Shell that helps you listen to the voice in your heart whenever you need to know what to do.

Planet Possible:  Fly alongside your angel  to the domed city, to learn the secret of how things really get created on Planet Earth!  Great motivator for staying the distance.

Chakrettes:  Ride an elephant through the Amazon to an ancient pyramid where 7 brightly jeweled, VERY delicious Chakrettes are kept. All have different effects, depending on the colour you eat.

Sick Sad & Sore:  Comfort and healing at the Tree of Life. A wise old gnome takes your yukky feelings and sings your cells back to well.


Transforming Bad Days:  Your angel helps you use all of the gifts received in the previous meditations. Experience transformation.  Witness how powerful you really are.

The Cuteness!!!