You’ll be Oriented in no time, we all help each other here.

There are four cornerstones to the White Peacock Academy:
Department of Wizardry: Mastery of your life; How you influence the world around you
Magick ArtsBend and transform the laws that govern Nature and the Cosmos
Healing Arts: Secrets to Healing Self and others, Body Mind & Spirit
Defense Against Dark Arts: External, and the demons within

This is a Glossary where you can acquaint yourself with WPA terms. 

White Peacock Academy Classes are known as Illume/s. Each Illume is composed of skills, tools, spells or insights that, like Magick, make a R.A.D. Replicable Applicable Demonstrable difference in some aspect of life. A course is known as an Illumination.  

Verify is what we do after each Illume. Test the Teaching.
We IMMEDIATELY begin to put the Magick we’ve learned through personal tests, wherever we can, throughout the week, to see how it works.
Verify what happens before, during, and after the skill is used.

These written Verifies become our Grimoire, the manual of what does and doesn’t work for you personally,

We do NOT Verify alone. White Peacock Academy strives to be an Interdependent Society. Independent beings coming together because together we can do so much more, – whilst having way more fun and being exponentially more effective.

To enroll in an Illume, we must have at least one APPAccountability Peacock Partner. The more the merrier.

Our APPs hold our Highest Vision for, and with, us.
They help us stay aligned with that Vision
by Verifying With Us, and Encouraging
All that would support us living our Most Magickal Lives, and Better.
We do the same for them.

“Your APP has your BACK” (there is an APP Greeting and secret handshake that goes with this chant)

There are 4 Gathering Rooms; named for the 4 names a Gathering of Peacocks is known by:
Muster where students gather to catch up, or do extra credit before Illumes
Pride where the majority of the Illumes are held
Ostentation where the Presentations and Awards are held
Party which is entirely self explanatory

You can find APPs on the Bulletin in Muster. Create a short intro video of yourself mentioning how you come to be a part of the White Peacock Academy, and what your Highest Intentions and Desires are. Upload it to the Bulletin Board for matches.

Muster is NOT a dating Room. You go to Party for Romance.

Students rarely choose APPs outside their House. House Pride is BIG, and inHouse APPs make it more likely to win House Plumes– Magic Feathers awarded at the end of a Mastery, or for exceptional achievement.

Student Plumes are awarded each month for the most

peacock-paradise.jpg     Creative
*      Productive
Uses of the month’s Magick.

These winners also earn House Plumes.
Every Quarter there is an Academy Presentation in the Ostentation Room to establish the overall winners from each HouseEach House entry is judged by the other Houses.

Winners have Their Mastery on show in the Ostentation Room for that Quarter, and become part of White Peacock Academy’s Founder’s Library after that.

Each House is in charge of a Gathering Room. – 

House Oceania Guides the Muster Room

House Solar Guides the Ostentation Room

House Lunar Guides the Party Room

House Gaia Guides the Pride Room

When White Peacock Academy members meet, they do a FGD Formal Greeting Dance
We Bow to acknowledge the Divine Spark in all beings. AND our backs are always straight, and eyes are connected throughout the bow, honoring that Divine Spark, however it appears.
This link takes you to WPA Culture Chants and Cheers