Accelerated Orientation


If you have been approved for an Accelerated Course such as 

Soul Quest

Training will be once a week


Students register at the Muster Room to find their Accountability Peacock Partners – you need at least one APP for every class you take. The more the better – it’s good to have an APP for everything!

Connecting with your Pride – your classmates – working together, supporting and celebrating one another. These associations often create the most Magick of all.

Each class will provide skills to help Magickally transform an area of your Muggle World life.

Spend the week using and playing with the skill, observing and documenting what you notice. 

Check in on the Party Room. It’s where Magickal events and fun Gatherings are posted.

Extra Credit given for the most Creative, the most Courageous, the Funniest and the most Interesting uses of the skills. Hone your craft in the Pride Room during the week. Your Pride judges who wins each category.

Before a new Magickal skill set is given in the next class, you’ll have the chance to display your skills, use the Pensievery and ask for critiques in the Ostentation Room.


Upon completion of a course you receive a Magickal Peacock Feather.

Different colored Feathers denote demonstrated mastery in different areas.

A full tail = Graduation.