Student Application

White Peacock Academy’s mission is to
Connect, Empower and Support
those with a Mission of Light in the world.

We seek the Rainbow Warriors, the Light Workers, those who want to actively bring
light and help and hope, in whatever way or capacity is right for them.

Our students tend to have much of the following in common:

Many of them were born into a family of strangers. They’ve felt like something is missing their whole life, or they know there’s something more… just outside their range, and they want access to it.

They’ve known from early on that they are here to do something important, not just for themselves, but in the world. Many still have no idea what that might be, but they feel the truth the importance, and the urgency of it.

Most have had very painful challenges, their trials and tribulations giving them the determination and empathy and wisdom to fulfill their purpose and live their dreams. Their dreams include helping and empowering others and often the planet.

They’ve been feeling an increasing urgency, they know that it’s time to do what they came here to do. They call out for help… and they find themselves here. Home at last amongst other weird and wonderful magical folk who want to change the world.

If this is you, Welcome home.

Our students are excited to learn together, and take great delight in putting each spell/tool/skill to the test to gauge it’s effectiveness.
They VERIFY (Test it thoroughly) on themselves and with each other, because its more fun to play and grow together, and exponentially more effective and productive. Magic HAPPENS. Stuff get’s DONE

They are excited about learning, alternatives to Muggle World challenges. They want to Thrive not just survive, and they are willing to do what it takes to make that happen – especially if it involves having FUN.

At White Peacock Academy we are committed to empowering ourselves, and others with agreements bound by honor in Sacred Ceremony to hold each other in their Highest Vision of themselves. Supporting and being supported. We have each other’s backs. (There is friendly rivalry between the Houses, but we stand united as a School.)

If this is still you Please let us know why you are interested in a White Peacock Academy education.
What you would like to study and what you bring to the table as a student.

There are four Houses: Gaia, Solar, Lunar and Oceania.
If your Student Application is accepted you will be invited to take the Sorting Quiz.
Each month we have The EGG Ceremony to Sort the new students into Houses, acquaint them with their Pride and have them put up a student profile, preferably video.

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