Soul Quest.

Soul Quest is a 7 week White Peacock Academy Mastery Course that includes but is not limited to:

*        Connecting with your Guides, Guardians, and Quest Mates.

*        Discovering your Soul’s Purpose and aligning with it

*        Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance

*        Understanding the messages your body is sending you

*        Making the voices in your head positive and helpful

*        Identifying and Releasing negative, sabotaging behaviors

Soul Quest is designed to connect students on the fast track,
Bond them, and empower them to empower each other.

Having at least one APP – Accountability Peacock Partner in your Pride is mandatory in all Advanced courses.

You will find the perfect APPs in the Muster Room where students hangout before and after class, share resources, find a study buddy, compare homework. – It’s ‘Tails Down’ (relaxed and casual) version of the Pride Room.

The Glossary tells you all the Academy terms and identifies the online Gathering Places.

We will Gather to catch up with one another in the Pride Room 30 minutes before each WPA Webcircle. This is where you hone your craft. Talk about what you’ve learned, and are experiencing. Find and share new ways to use the skills from last week to benefit yourself and others.

A 60 minute WPA Webcircle follows, and the next stage of the Quest is embarked upon.

Then there is a 30 minute in-depth Q&A.

Afterward you have the option of Gathering in the Muster Room to talk about how to co-create success in the coming week, based on what you’ve just learned.

There is also a private Facebook Group to keep y’all connected.

Deep transformational Magick lies in the bonds created with your fellow Quest Mates. You will

          Connect with like minds, as eager as you to Quantum

Leap into lives more aligned with your soul’s purpose.

          Discover your soul’s purpose and embody it more every day.

          Support, and be supported by, people pledged to living their Grandest Dreams and helping you live yours: Your APPs – the more the merrier.

*           Learn and Grow together, releasing what you don’t want to bring into this next life level. Making room. Co-creating better.

You are safely held by the rules of the Quest that hold All in Highest Integrity and Love.

$333 is the Special Launch price to be a part of this inaugural 7 week Soul Quest. Registration ends June 20th – Summer Solstice.  After the launch the investment is $495.

BONUS if you register during the Launch you will also get a 30 minute one on one Shamanic Session with JOY value $111.


Click HERE to register


Take 3 minutes to meditate on each question then write your answers 


1       What would you do if you knew you could not fail?





2       Who would you be if you were living your grandest dreams?





3       What would your life be like if you had no fear?


Bring your answers to Soul Quest to accelerate living your most Magickal life.

If you can’t attend all the calls will be recorded for you. Your APPs will catch you up.


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