Peacock Prophecy – how it began

Before White Peacock Academy could be conceived, White Peacock Woman had to be birthed.
A birth that was foretold in an EarthKeepers Conference by a Peruvian Shaman in 2008.
The news was NOT well received.

3 years and many adventures later, I was summoned to Guatemala by The Lady of Lake Atitlan. She resides in the Ancient City of Pa’Jaibal on the bottom of this mythic Lake.
Pa’Jaibal vanished beneath the waters about 1.700 years ago. An electromagnetic vortex at the center of the lake is believed to be the power source of this sacred place.
She required a sacrifice from me.

In Guatemalan Tradition, we release the hot air balloon carrying our prayers for the Lake.
At 1.39 we send our intentions for purification and The Lady receives them with a dark pink beam of light!!! 

The Lady didn’t leave me lacking, this beautiful exchange happened that night and the next day:

I thought the prophesied Death had come in 2015 when I was bitten on the Brainstem by a Brown Recluse Spider  (Always shake your lawn chairs out)
This event and the alchemy that followed with the Lady of Lake Atitlan, marked the beginning of my White Peacock Adventure.

Two years later, catching you up with the highlights of White Peacock Woman’s evolution. First came the shift in energy.

The birth of White Peacock Woman came from triumphing over horror, through courage and determination not to be a victim. I am re-birthed onto a whole new Timeline. Everything is different – and I love it.

Finally The White Peacock Academy was conceived during a Celestine Prophecy Adventure in LA, with a Harry Potter fan called Lizzie Lock.