Gathering Rooms

There are 4 different names for a Gathering of Peacocks,
& 4 different online Peacock Gathering Rooms associated with those names. Each Room is Guided and Kept Up by it’s House

Pride Room: House Gaia:  Hone your craft. Talk about what you’ve learned, and are experiencing. Find and share new ways to use your skills to benefit yourself and others.

Muster Room: House Oceania:  Hangout before and after class, share resources, find a study buddy, compare homework.

Ostentation Room: House Solar:  Display your skills, use the Pensievery and ask for critiques. – All of the Academy Awards and most of the shows and performances are held in the Ostentation Room.

Party Room: House Lunar:  Peacocks are famous for their Parties – no drugs needed, we know spells and skills to reach all kinds of heights – and our dance moves are unprecedented. Come here for fun events online and local, and Romance!

 Each Room has a Bulletin Board where you can leave notes for your Pride (Classmates), organize events and get togethers, and ask for, or offer, all and sundry – keep it clean.

Each Room has a Chat feature where you can get to know your Pride. Connect, Empower and Support one another. Plan Grand Adventures, and Plot how to make your House #1.