Guide (Teacher) Application


Teachers are known as Guides in the White Peacock Academy

Classes are known as Illumes.

Each Illume is composed of 3 skills, tools, spells or insights that make an immediate positive difference in some aspect of life.

Several short Videos is the format for an Illume; Including at least one demonstration of each of the 3 skills presented. -Or one skill presenting 3 aspects.

Each skill in any Illume must be RAD. Replicable Applicable, Demonstrable.

In order to qualify as an Academy Guide you must be able to demonstrate an immediate positive difference that can be easily replicated by the student. That’s what makes the Magick!

Verify is Homework. Testing the Teaching. Putting everything we learn in each Illume through rigorous personal testing and Documenting the findings. These are known as Grimoires.

These Grimoires become the Manuals
for creating our own
Best Magickal Lives
Individually and Collectively

Your tools WILL BE tested. Students will be partnering up with their APPs (Accountability Peacock Partners), and competing in wild ways to use what you taught them in ‘real life’ Muggle World Challenges.

Take a moment to let that settle in to your teacher’s heart. 😉

Plume – Magic Feather awarded at the end of a Mastery (Series of Illumes around a particular subject), or for exceptional achievement.

There are Personal Plume Competitions each week for the Best, Most Creative, Funniest, Most Compassionate and most Productive use of skills.
There are House Plume Competitions at the end of each month to establish the Best of these.

Each Quarter there is an Academy Competition to establish the Best of the Best from each House- the other Houses Judge these.

Guides are encouraged to be an active part of these Plume Ceremonies. You will be honored and celebrated as Chief Judge when your Illume is being demonstratedThere is an award for Best Guide each Quarter

By sharing some of your best skills with bright minds you not only do the world a magnificent service, you are getting your name out there, seen by people hungry for empowerment so they can do great things. If they like you, they have the option to enroll as Private students.

If you are interested in applying to be a Guide, please submit a video with 3 RAD skills that fall into one of the 4 Department Categories:

Healing Arts : Magical Arts : Defense Against Dark Arts : Wizardry

……………….video submission form HERE