APP – Accountability Peacock Partner – Study Buddy. Our APPs hold our Highest Vision for and with us. They help us stay aligned with that Vision. We do the same for them

APP Chat – Accountability Hangout

ASE All Seeing Eyes; How many Perspectives can you come up with?

Blessed Alchemy– Highest level of Transformation

By the Peacock– Sacred Oath

DADA – Defense Against Dark Arts – external and the demons within

Drop your feathers – Let go of old ways of seeing and being

Eat a snake – Transmute a poisonous thought/belief/behavior

FGD – Formal Greeting Dance; when WPA members meet they perform a FGD that always begins the same way, then moves into personal free form Greetings depending on the relationship and the intention

Grimoire – Your Personal Book of Magick

Guide – Teacher

HA – Healing Arts – Self and others

House Plume – Award given to the House with the most Personal Plumes or the one whose skills have been judged Best by the other Houses

Illume/s – Class/es composed of  skills, tools, spells or insights that make an immediate positive difference in some aspect of life. They must be R.A.D. Replicable Applicable Demonstrable

Illumination – When you have successfully completed a Series of Illumes, you attain an Illumination

Light Worker – Someone with a conscious Mission to bring Light and Hope and Help to the World. Willing to shine their own unique Light for their greatest good, and for the greatest good of All

MA – Magickal Arts – Bend and transform the laws that govern Nature and the Cosmos

Magic – Party tricks, illusions

Magick – Soul Alchemy

Mastery – Completed course AND demonstrated proven mastery of the subject

Muster Room: Where students hangout before and after class, share resources, find an APP, compare homework. A Chill Space Guided by House Oceania

Ostentation Room: Where students Gather to Dazzle and Impress. Compete for Plumes. Display their skills. – Most of the shows and performances are held in the Ostentation Room and all of the Academy’s Awards. Guided by House Solar

OsTENtaySHONE!!:  WPA Cheer! also Great job walking your talk – High 5

Party – Gathering to PLAY and LAUGH and DANCE with fabulous like minded Magickal Folk.

Party Like a Peacock  – Have a SPECTACULAR time!

Party Room: Where students Gather to Play! Peacocks are famous for their Parties – no drugs needed, we know spells and skills to reach all kinds of heights – and our dance moves are unprecedented. This is the place for fun events and ROMANCE, online and local. Guided by House Lunar

Peacock People/Person – Legend has it the peacock eats poisonous plants and snakes, and alchemizes that poison into the colors of their beautiful feathers.
Peacock people transmute the poison of negative generational/cultural  beliefs/behaviors, into the beauty of freedom of choice and positive resolution

Pensievery– Brainstorming session

Personal Plume – Award for best use of skill in Illumes that week, or for personal achievement

Pluck – Expletive, as in ‘What the Pluck?!’ Coined by Penelope V Pendragon, the Wishing Faery the 2nd night of the Wild Wish Women Reality Roadshow. Lucidity Music Festival.

Plume – Magic Feather awarded at the end of a Mastery, or for exceptional achievement

Pride – Classmates

Pride Room: Where students hone their craft. Talk about what they’ve learned, and are experiencing. Find and share new ways to use their skills to benefit themselves and others. Call for Pensievery and ask for critiques. Guided by House Solar

RAD  – Replicable Applicable, Demonstrable.  Requirements for the skills in an Illume

Rainbow Warrior  -A Native American prophecy; “when the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.”

Shama – Ghost/Supporting Spirit of House Oceana 

Scroll – Start recording – usually a video or audio

SHIMMEEEEEEY – Give it all you’ve got

Tail Up – Show us what you’ve got: Step up to the plate 

Tail Down – Relax, casual, chill

Verify – Homework.Testing the Teaching. Put each Illume through rigorous personal testing and Document the findings

Wizardry – Mastery of your life and how you influence the world around you

WPA – White Peacock Academy

White Peacock Tales  – The Best Verify Stories displayed in the Ostentation Room

Your APP has your BACK! App greeting with secret handshake