Before you freak out

Before you freak out about spider bites, or any scary challenge, try this…
I was bitten on the left thigh by a black widow, on March 2nd 2019
Some of my Facebook friends understandably freaked out
“Please go to the ER! I know someone who lost his leg after a black widow bite”
“They can give you an antivenin, don’t delay! My friend went blind!”
“I was bitten 9 years ago, I’m just now recovering, can’t hurt to get it checked”
I appreciated the concern. The path of Western Medicine may have been appropriate for someone else, but I knew this was a shamanic gift, not something to fix.
I’m an old school shaman, who works with Mother Earth and honors All Her creatures.
I lead JOYQuests into nature, and teach re-wilding. I also had an involuntary spider initiation 3 years ago, courtesy of a Brown Recluse bite on the brain stem.
I emerged from that much scarier experience Transformed, and with Significant Increase in Brain Functioning.
I was very clear that this black widow experience was happening FOR me not to me. Even knowing that, I freaked out too, because our primitive brain centers AUTOMATICALLY take over during stress. 90% of blood leaves the forebrain, taking all cognitive thought with it, dropping us into fight flight response.
This is very helpful when being chased by a sabertooth tiger, not so much when you need to evaluate risks in a crisis.
Luckily I know how to reprogram my primitive brain centers to have a composed response to stress instead of an automatic stress reaction. Just hold these points on your forehead. They prevent blood from leaving the forebrain so you retain the ability to think under pressure. This is how you do it:

It works within minutes to clear your head, and enable you to function more efficiently under stress. Give it a try, tell us what you notice in the comments.
Back in control of my forebrain I did my own research.
Turns out very few people die from, or suffer serious health problems, from a black widow bite, only the young, old and infirm are at risk.
The antivenin, which is made from horse blood injected with increasing doses of venom, is known for life threatening side effects. A doctor has to monitor you for up to 12 days after administering even the smallest dose. Side effects can include skin lesions, fever, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes – oh and death from not being able to breathe if you’re allergic.
There is, apparently, very little the USA medical system can do if you go to the E.R. Except charge like a wounded bull, they’ll do that. That’ll hurt if you’re not insured.
I’m not saying don’t go that route if you feel called to it. Always do what feels right to you. I am suggesting, where possible, when faced by something scary, always do your own research, regardless of what the challenge is.
PSAs for this part of the Black Widow Chronicles
· Shake your lawn chairs out after not using them for a while
· Shake your towels and robes out if they’ve been outside
· Beware of blindly going along with decisions based in fear
· Hold your forehead to help stay in control of crisis situations
Next up; The little known, very important 1st aid treatment that every home should have because works so powerfully I knew I need not be concerned about the venom spreading.

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