White Peacock Academy
Practical Magick Education for Lightworkers in the Muggle World

I’ll let him speak for himself, and introduce the Academy.

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created to Connect, Empower and Support
those who wish to Actively Bring Light to the World

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  • Protection from those who would take your energy.
  • Stops you from taking on other people’s ‘stuff’
  • Effects are cumulative and progressive – the more you do it the better you’ll feel.

Done before you begin your day = stress levels drop, energy levels rise, overall wellness increases exponentially.

Done before sleep = sleep is more restful, awaken more refreshed

Also includes a powerful tool that strengthens and protects in confrontation.

And a quick easy way to clear heavy energy from a space


3956644281_ab105ef5ecThank you for your patience while our Web Wizard is chasing off the Bully Bugs and constructing the various Houses.

We would have waited but there was such a demand for the White Peacock Academy Community and Skills that we are sharing as we grow, and we are growing fast. Stay tuned!